* Thanks everyone!

You guys aren't making this easy for me!

I appreciate your compliments and well-wishes, and I know I'm deviating from the plan already by posting this, but I wanted to make my gratitude more visible than a comment. You guys are wonderful.

Anonymous particularly moved me, because my hope all along was that I might reach out to another parent with similar struggles.

It's not easy for me to quit because I really love doing this. I'm constantly composing blog posts in my head. I have tons of stuff I want to write about! But time - that cursed, finite refugee - always escapes me. There have been many amusing, brilliant, and informative posts left unwritten because I never found the time. There were just as many tasks and activities neglected because I stole some time to blog instead.

I wavered the longest over whether I should just cut back on posting to maybe just a monthly update or something, but I finally talked myself out of it. I know myself too well, and as long as this site still has a pulse I will post compulsively, good intentions be damned. And I really do need to stop, because I'm drowning in thingstodo that just aren't getting done. I can't have it all, it seems. Because there's no money in blogging, ya know? And money is evil, but life's tough without it.

I once wrote (in a letter to a stranger) that if I'm ever rich, it will be time that is stuffed in my pockets and under my mattress. I dream of having whole hours, days even, to call my own. I marvel at how people can possibly suffer from boredom in a world spiralling through infinity. It's a fool's affliction, boredom.

Speaking of boredom, next week is TV Turnoff Week. Kill your TV. May it stay dead forever. It's the ruin of our culture. If there's one thing I hope to instill in my children, it's that television rots your soul. Please, turn it off. I'm begging you.

But I digress, as is my habit. I'm off to build my little internet empire. I'm not going to delete this blog, because it's eternally free. So you can visit anytime you like and wax nostalgic over young Hercules. And please do drop in on my flickr photostream, particularly my Rio set, for the latest snapshots.

Thanks for reading! I will miss you!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! We read your comment in "Dont leave your friends behind," would you be interested in posting this on your blog or some other place of relevance?

Too often, radical parents are left behind and can't participate in projects due to the assumption that childcare is solely their responsibility. Lets make this years CrimethInc Convergence a space that is welcoming and supportive to children and parents. That being said: Parents, How can we serve you? How can we meet your needs?

Kidz, What are you excited about? Do you have a game to teach, suggestions for activities, or a workshop you would like to present?

Allies, What kind of resources do you have to offer? Can you share your time, musical talents, ideas, art supplies, etc.?

Feedback would be appreciated from EVERYBODY!

By valuing the involvement/work of radical parents, we form a more vibrant culture of resistance, and we teach the young the vision we want to see of a more equitable future by including them in our activities now.

6/04/2008 10:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6/04/2008 10:27 AM  

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