* Such a long time to be gone

I'm home! Yes, it's good to be here. My trip gave me a whole new appreciation for this town I call home. College towns rock, yes indeed. The rest of this red state I find myself in is lame. Lame!

You'll be pleased to hear that Hercules and Pa managed just fine without me. I think it was good for them to have that time together. It certainly cemented my faith in my husband. Bless him. Hercules had a great week, behavior-wise, although there was that one day when Pa forgot to give him his meds. Luckily, his teacher figured that out pretty quick, and Pa rushed over with the blessed pills. Good save, Pa!

Unfortunately, Hercules was feeling a bit under the weather, mostly with a nasty cough and sore throat. He was getting by, though, until Thursday when a coughing fit induced vomiting during PE. Poor guy. Once again, Pa came through and was able to ditch work and get him home (which is not so easy at his job as it is with mine). There was some speculation as to whether the Concerta is causing the cough, or just aggravating it (increased coughing is a side effect). Since he's been on the upswing without any further difficulties, though, we're guessing that at worst the Concerta may have aggravated the existing condition.

So things are back to normal, or better than normal, even. It's great to be home with my family. The only bad news is that last week's business trip has significantly increased my workload here at the Paycheck Factory. That means less blogging, folks. What? Blog from home, you say? Not likely. But with any luck this project I'm working on - which is expected to take weeks - will probably be done in a few days. I'm just so damned efficient! Just don't tell my boss, ok?


Blogger new_eyes said...

i'm hungry again.

steak, humongous baked potato...

it was great except for the vegetable. i asked for peas, and of course I meant canned peas, but Pa served me these kind where i was like, am I supposed to shuck these first? wthell? Tasted like...well, I guess you know.

Welcome back! Missed you anyway, Mrs. Vegetarian. Of course.

3/08/2006 5:23 PM  

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