* Nana and Papa have arrived!

Hurray! My mom and stepdad have left FL for good and they'll be staying with us until they find a house and a job and all that good stuff. Hercules is ecstatic to have his Papa around, to be sure. And I'm pretty psyched myself, because you don't really appreciate the value of family until you're a parent and 1200 miles away from your family support network. When I was single and childless, I didn't think twice about moving across the country and seeing my family (maybe) once a year. But after Hercules came along, that changed dramatically. Grandparents rock!

Not to mention the fact that I wouldn't be where I am today without their support. Nana and Papa took me in when I was pregnant, and Hercules was born in the middle of their living room. We lived there for the first two years of his life, until I was ready to go back to college and finish my degree. Thanks to Nana, Hercules wasn't in daycare until then, either, which is a luxury few single moms can relate to. Bless them both.

These are things I think about when I consider the topic of reproductive choice. Some people applaud my decision to keep my baby. Some members of my mother's family criticized her for taking me in, claiming I should have been left to deal with the consequences on my own, since I couldn't keep my legs shut. How's that for pro-life?

But my mom, bless her, has been down that road. She was a pregnant unwed mother once, and her family ostracized her. They forced her to give up the baby for adoption against her will. And after the baby was born and she returned home, no one ever spoke of it. Not a word. I can only imagine how she suffered then.

And I know that if my family had turned their backs on me, or if I didn't have a family to take me in when I was pregnant, I would not have kept my baby. I don't like abortion (does anyone?), but that wouldn't have stopped me from having one in my situation.

Normally I don't like to raise this topic around my family, because I know how they feel and they know how I feel and we agree to disagree, out of mutual respect and love for each other. I gave up trying to change their minds when my idealism still had the sheen of youth on it. But lately this issue has risen to the forefront in national politics and frankly the whole situation is depressing. I understand why people don't like abortion, I do. What I can't understand is how those people can deny the fact the making abortion illegal doesn't end abortion. It never did. It only takes away safe abortions. Women will still have abortions, but they will risk their lives to do so. That doesn't have to happen.

*Sigh* I'm having a hard time containing my diatribes lately. I've just about convinced myself to start a new blog. I find myself self-censoring too much because I know my family reads this and I don't want to alienate them. And yet I can't pretend that these things don't matter to me. This is who I am. Thankfully, I know they'll love me no matter what. But I have this terrible aversion to hurting people's feelings, which makes me a very poor radical mama. Actually, I wouldn't mind hurting most any conservatives' feelings, except when those people happen to be people I know and love and care about very much. So there it is.

I started this post with the intention of welcoming my mom and stepdad to my home, and somehow derailed onto abortion. That's what happens when I don't find time to blog enough. Multiple topics get thrown together in messy non sequitors. So, in order to be consistently erratic and nonsensical, here's a photo of Hercules getting in touch with his manhood this weekend, which I found rather endearing. He was so earnest!



Blogger Julie said...


Here is a really good episode of PBS Frontline on abortion that you can view online or rent from your local library if you don't have access to high speed/DSL.

There is a whole series of Frontline episodes online. I love them. All very well done, well researched, and very engaging. But be warned, they'll light a fire under you and make you want to write nasty letters to politicians to simply do SOMETHING.

Happy to discuss any of them if you like. I find documentaries are just as fun as talking about books.

Take care,
Julie E. from NC

3/30/2006 1:15 PM  
Anonymous renee said...

Thanks Julie! I'll try to take a look at that sometime this weekend if I find the time. I'm also very keen on documentaries myself. It's actually the sort of photography/film-making that appeals to me a great deal.

And I'm already fired up to write nasty letters to politicians, so it's all good:)

3/31/2006 5:41 AM  

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