* A little irreverance

I was just wondering how Pat Robertson might explain the recent devastation wrought by the record number of tornadoes in the Midwest this past weekend. I'd like to ask Pat about this phenomenon, since he seems to know what God is thinking at all times. And if Katrina was God's punishment for abortion and other heathen activity, then what about these tornadoes? These storms hit rural Missouri the hardest, and rural Missouri is about as right-wing as you can get.

Pray tell, Pat. What did rural Missourians do to piss off God? God's got some explaining to do, Pat! He's looking rather inconsistent these days and I think it's about time you cleared this up. God can't go around smiting nice white Christian ladies without a good reason. What gives, Pat?

DISCLAIMER: I personally do not subscribe to Pat Robertson's worldview, and I do not think that the tornado victims deserved to die for any reason. Nor do I believe, for that matter, that any natural disaster is an act of God's vengeance.


Blogger new_eyes said...

I feel ornery and mischievious. Like I might snark. But I'm under control...

3/17/2006 9:30 AM  

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