* Lighter fare

After yesterday's heavy-hearted post, I thought I needed to lighten things up a bit. So here's a Randy Newman song that I'd like to share because it reminds me very much of Hercules pre-Concerta:

Change Your Ways

This song used to make me cry, and it still does, but for different reasons (which is not so very remarkable, seeing as how Puff the Magic Dragon moves me to tears, too). Hercules has indeed changed his ways, and it is quite a dramatic change. But he's still my mischievous, ornery, affectionate little warrior and I'm so thankful.

Here's our new favorite game:

Me: Come here and pick up your dirty clothes, Boy.
Herc: OK, Woman. But if you call me Boy one more time I'm gonna love you till you scream!
Me: Oh yeah? Well if you call me Woman one more time I'm gonna hug you and squeeze you 'til you turn red, Boy!
Herc: That's it, Woman! Watch out!

And then we charge each other and collide in a mass of hugs and giggles. Weeeee!


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