* Dodging Hailstones

Big Hail
We had some excitement this weekend with some extreme weather. Here's one of our neighbor friends exhibiting a sample of one of the bigger chunks of hail from yesterday.

Today's storm dropped some even bigger hail, and we had more excitement when the tornado sirens went off. Twice. Hercules was really scared, but he handled it pretty well. At the time Pa's bandmates were at the house for a recording session. When the first siren went off we all decided to move the party to another house with a basement. Hercules was not happy about leaving the dogs behind, but since there were dogs at our friend's house, we thought it would be unwise to bring them.

Anyway, we rode out the storm with our little tornado party and watched the hail pelt our cars out the window. We only took refuge in the basement for about 15 minutes, after the power went out and the second siren sounded. We also saw a lot of low, swirling clouds in the sky and figured it was best to take cover. Hercules got nervous again so we told jokes to lighten the mood. When it was over the whole neighborhood gathered out in the street to survey the damage and compare dents in our cars. There was one broken window at a neighboring house, but that was the worst of it.

By then Hercules was giddy with relief, and having a good ol' time romancing the crowd.

And that was our adventure for the weekend! How was yours?


Blogger fiercelyfab said...

I'm sorry you all had to endure the weather that's freakish like that.

It seems like you made the best of it renee--that's huge hail too.

The weather was under 60 but over 50 and I did not leave the house at all. Instead I was glued to the TV as you already know. It is so easy to let your mind rot with TV when you're feeling lazy, aren't out and everything else seems to be just too much work.

3/13/2006 11:53 AM  
Blogger new_eyes said...

We had a party too, and I remember thinking this could easily flip-switch into a nightmare. The hail just reminded me of Captain Kangeroo's ping pong balls, but when a white fog descended and the weather man thought to inform people that "you probably won't see the tornado coming if it's out there", my old tic came back. geek, gawk, geek. It surprised my friends seeing me do that.

No broken windows in this neighborhood. You were in danger i'm glad you all went to the basement. Bless Rio, I know how he must feel. When I was a nipper, tornado warnings made me run and cry. (It was the black and white portion of the Wizard of Oz that put the fear in me, of course.) But I wasn't NEARLY the sissy your husband was, when I first met him at age 5. Granted, I was six, but still. We used to point at the sky and shout "Twister", to see if we could make him freak out and run in front of a car. We were mean kids all right.

He probably doesn't remember.

3/13/2006 6:12 PM  
Anonymous renee said...

fabi - truth be told, i love storms of any kind. they thrill me. it was the best part of living on a sailboat. i'm weird like that:)

still, tornadoes scare me the most, by far. i'd prefer to keep my distance, thank you very much!

3/14/2006 8:30 AM  

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