* Wounded Warrior

Well, we were supposed to start Hercules on his medication today, but our plans were thwarted by a trip to the ER. Hercules was home from school yesterday, along with the other kids. Pa was off work but I wasn't, so he had all 6 kids in his care. After lunch they were all outside playing Octopus, and somehow Hercules went running smack into the edge of the bumper on our neighbor's old pick-up truck. Pa called me at work and asked if I could take him to the hospital so he wouldn't have to take everyone. He's pretty fearless when it comes to wrangling kids, but hauling all 6 of them to the ER to spend hours waiting around is just inhumane. I left work and arrived at the house to inspect Hercules' wound. It was hideous. There was a hole in left thigh roughly 1 1/2-inch square. I could see parts of his leg that shouldn't ever see the light of day. I wasn't even sure stitches would work, since it was gaping open so wide, but I knew it would need a doctor's attention regardless. So I hurriedly packed Hercules into the truck to get him to the hospital while Pa stayed with the rest of the kids. Except for El, who begged to come along. Hercules seemed happy to have her company, so I agreed.

Despite some serious hassles with parking and being shuffled from Urgent Care to the ER, it went pretty smoothly. Hercules was in remarkably good spirits, so good that the nurses really didn't take me seriously until Hercules pulled his pants down to display his wound. When the Urgent Care nurse is silent and tight-lipped and runs out immediately to fetch the doctor, you know it's ugly. We ended up at the ER because they decided it would be difficult to stitch him up using only a local anaesthetic. I had to agree that Hercules wasn't exactly the type to just lay still while the doctor sewed him up, and I was right. When we finally were admitted to the ER, they attempted a local anyway, but Hercules struggled so violently when the doctor tried to even touch his leg and apply iodine to his wound, they changed their minds pretty quickly. In the end they doped him up on something mild and he was out of it for the whole ordeal. He came to pretty quickly, but we weren't out of there until 5:00, which is precisely when the behavioral health clinic closes, so I wasn't able to pick up his prescription.

So that's why Hercules won't get his medication until tomorrow. The good news is that he's recovering very well so far. He's more traumatized by having to remove the taped bandages on his arm (where they stuck the IV) than the wound itself. Go figure.


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Ouch. Hope he recovers quickly!

2/22/2006 7:10 AM  

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