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Just a quick note to let you know that Hercules has been doing pretty well this week. Only one morning in the ABLE room so far. This morning he was excited to get to Adventure Club to work on building his Hogwarts Lego castle. Cool!

All the kids are coming over tonight and staying until Sunday, so it will be a busy weekend. The good news is that I've signed up to participate in the 120 challenge over at Flickr. The objective is to shoot an entire roll of 120 film in 120 minutes on Feb. 4th. I decided that I'm going to set up my Holga on my tripod in front of the house and take photos of each of the kids, plus each neighbor kid that comes by. That should fill 9 of the 12 exposures on the roll. One more of Pa will make 10, and the last two will just have to be wildcards. I just hope I can get some photos that are in focus! The tripod should help. I've been wanting to do more portraits and people shots, so this is a great incentive for me.

It will be a couple more days after that before I get the negatives back, scanned, and uploaded. But when I do I'll share them with you all, to be sure.


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