* Monday Morning Meme

This one's kinda fun. Mama Yaya tagged me, so now I will subject you all to some useless facts about moi.

Four Jobs I've Had
Wrangler - At a posh dude ranch in Colorado. Dream job!
Stablehand - I shoveled a lot of horse poop in exchange for free riding lessons. Also known as a Barn Rat.
Factory Worker - Packaging cameras on an assembly line at a Kodak plant.
Tuxedo Rose - Selling roses in bars wearing a tux w/tails, black tights, bikini bottom, and high heels. Ugh. That lasted only 2 weeks. I was never paid. Long story!

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over
Being John Malkovich
Donnie Darko
Raising Arizona
Antonia's Line

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch
Actually, I don't watch TV. But I used to, in rare phases of my life. These shows bring back fond memories:
Northern Exposure - My all-time favorite
Teamo Supremo - Used to be my favorite cartoon to watch w/Hercules. Thanks to this show, I tried to persuade him to call me Earth Mom, but he wouldn't cooperate.
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart -This is one I would like to watch, but I'm never up that late. Mostly I see clips online.

Four Places I've Lived
Clark, CO (close to Steamboat Springs)
Hudson, NH
Sarasota, FL
Heredia, Costa Rica

Four Places I’ve Been on Vacation
Moab, Utah
US Virgin Islands
Dinosaur, Colorado
Georgetown, Colorado

Four Favorite Dishes
Pad Thai
Any curry dish
Fish 'n Chips

Four Websites I Visit (Almost) Daily
3 am from Kyoto

Four Places I’d Rather Be
A quiet mountain in Colorado
An old growth forest in the Pacific Northwest
At home snuggling on the couch between Pa and Hercules
Taking photographs of sailors, fishermen, and other seafaring folks on a warm coastline anywhere

Four Bloggers I am Tagging
Not sure there are 4 bloggers that read this blog that haven't done this one already, but I think these qualify. No pressure, folks! Feel free to drop the ball:
Fabulosa Mujer
Fate at Point of Tears


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