* Happy Valentine's Day!

My hubby and I like to refer to V-day as amateur night, and I have to admit that I've always been pretty cynical about this holiday. It is, after all, just another commercialized bit of out-moded romantic hype. Self-sufficient righteous babes such as myself need not be bothered with such gaudy displays of patriarchal affection. I suspect that this may be one of the few days of the year (besides birthdays & anniversaries) that some men make any gesture of affection towards their wife, and only because it comes with a certain expectation that there's something in it for them. It may be the only day they get laid this month.

But I would like to use this holiday to celebrate the fact that my husband is not one of those men. I am blessed with an amazing husband. How amazing, you ask? Let me count the ways!

Things I love about my husband:

  1. He worships me like the goddess I am.
  2. He cooks for me almost every night.
  3. He does the dishes more than I do.
  4. He's a great father and stepfather.
  5. He's gentle when I'm wrong.
  6. He will spoon me and cuddle me every night.
  7. He has a deep, sexy voice and he knows how to use it.
  8. He plays the ukelele for me in bed.
  9. He sings sweet, funny songs to me all the time.
  10. He is my partner in every sense of the word.
  11. He supports all of my professional and creative pursuits, however fickle and insecure I myself may be.
  12. He makes me feel sexier than any movie star.
  13. He is a movie star!
  14. If it weren't for him I may have never seen The Point.
  15. He introduced me to the Asylum Street Spankers.
  16. He never leaves the house without kissing me first.
  17. He doesn't wait for a special occasion to spoil me rotten.
  18. He knows better than to buy me jewelry, let alone diamonds.
  19. He does yoga more often than I do.
  20. He doesn't care for sports.
  21. He didn't even know which teams were in the Superbowl!
  22. He doesn't watch TV at all, for that matter.
  23. He rarely, if ever, complains.
  24. He turns on the heat for me in the bathroom every morning, so when I take my shower it will be warm and toasty.
  25. There's really nothing he wouldn't do for me.
  26. He's my hero!

27-44. Plus 17 other things that are too X-rated to mention here, sorry;)

I love you, Pa! You're the best. Thanks for putting up with me!


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