* Family fun

The kids are here all weekend (as opposed to just Saturday), so we had a house full last night. Plus the two boys from down the street, CJ and DJ, who spend a lot of time here. I'm always happy to have those two. Let's just say that I've had enough neighborhood kids around to appreciate the well-mannered ones.

We got everyone to watch The Triplets of Belleville last night, which was pretty amazing considering there's almost no dialogue in the entire movie. A cartoon where no one speaks! There is quite of bit of singing, but even the songs don't really have words. Oh, and when anyone does talk it's in French. And the kids loved it. How cool is that? I absolutely loved this movie. There are a few scenes I'd love to have a still of, they're so beautifully composed.

It's typical for us to see an Oscar-winner a year late. I'm sure we'll be watching this year's nominees by this time next year. But that's OK with me. I love watching movies at home. It's so much more comfortable. And I can make out with my husband if I want to:)

Here's a photo of our family dinner last night - hotdogs and beans (egg sandwich for me). We feast like kings!

Family Dinner 2


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