* And now we wait

Yesterday was the day of reckoning for Hercules, and it went smoothly. This doctor asked the right questions, listened to my answers (how novel!), and engaged Hercules as well. When it was over, she asked if I had any questions. I just wanted to know what happens next. She explained that she would like more information before she makes her final diagnosis. She gave me a form for Herc's teacher to fill out, and instructed me to make two follow-up appointments for one month and three months from now. She then explained that given the possible explanations for Hercules' behavior (depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or ADHD), based on what she learned today ADHD seems to be the most likely culprit. This came as no surprise to me.

The one month follow-up will have to be a two month, since this doctor is booked solid until then. It seems like a glacial process, this psychiatric business, but I have no choice but to wait my turn. And although waiting is hell, I still prefer to have a doctor that takes her time before she pins a label on my son, rather than make a snap diagnosis. Now we just have to pray that Hercules doesn't get kicked out of school or Adventure Club in the meanwhile.

Incidentally, I received a call later that afternoon from one of the school counselors, following up on my request for him to be seen by them as well. We discussed his current behavior issues and how we've been managing them, etc. Soon Hercules will be included in some group meetings with other kids that have similar issues. I think this will do him some good, and at the very least, it won't do him any harm.

So the ball is officially in motion! And now, we wait.

How about some music to pass the time? Let's do a tribute to the Man in Black, Mr. Johnny Cash. I thought it would be cool to do a tribute on the anniversary of his death, but then I learned that that's not until September, so we'll just do it today. Any day is a good day to honor Johnny! How many contemporary country musicians do you know that can do justice to covers of Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, and The Beatles, all in the same album? That's right, none. I don't hold very many so-called country musicians in very high esteem these days, but Johnny Cash is in a class of his own. If you haven't had the pleasure of listening to the last album he made before he died, you need to get that album. It never fails to make me cry, especially his rendition of "We'll Meet Again." Turns me into a blubbering girl every damn time. Following are Herc's favorites:

A Boy Named Sue
When the Man Comes Around

That last one is an interesting apocalyptic ballad which represents Johnny's interpretation of the Book of Revelation, easily the most fascinating book in the Bible, in my opinion. But anyone who knows me is familiar with my fascination for all things eschatological, which is a fancy word for apocalyptic.

I say bring on the apocalypse. It can only be an improvement on this tragically fucked-up world we call modern civilization.


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In My Life on American IV always makes me weepy.

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