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Got another phone call from Herc's teacher yesterday. Seems he was in a fight on the playground. Mrs. B said she received a lot of conflicting stories from both the accused and various witnesses, so she wasn't certain how it started. But from what I could gather from her description and Hercules, it appears that what began as an innocent bit of Power Ranger mimicry turned into a brawl. Seeing as how the other perpetrator is as much, if not more, of a hothead as Hercules, this is no surprise. It doesn't take much for a play-punch or a play-shove to cross the line into Ouch! and then someone gets mad and all hell breaks loose.

Yep, that's pretty much what happened. And from the sounds of it, the other boy got mad first and from there Hercules may well have had a valid self-defense alibi. But who can be sure? In any case, he lost his TV and computer privileges until Saturday. Not that he's watching TV anymore since we disconnected the cable, but it never hurts to be explicit, because he likes to think that movies don't count as TV, especially if you watch them on the computer! I am so on to him. And of course we had a good discussion about how to handle a similar problem in the future that doesn't involve bodily harm to either party. The big lesson that I (and his teacher) wanted him to learn from this is that that sort of play isn't appropriate for the playground. You just can't have two volatile boy-warriors play-fighting without someone getting carried away and someone else getting hurt.

He accepted the consequences pretty well, although he was in a shitty mood when I picked him up from school. It was Tae Kwon Do day and he informed me that he wasn't going.

"Mom, don't you know I got hit in the FACE and my nose was BLEEDING???"

"All the more reason for you to go to class tonight. Let's go."

Lest you think I'm a cold heartless bitch, you must realize that Hercules has a real flair for the dramatic. He did not have a bloody nose, but according to his teacher there was a tiny show of blood at the edge of one nostril. Didn't even require a kleenex. Hardly a cause for alarm. There were no bruises, black eyes, scrapes, or scratches. I was sure he would be fine. This is the child who runs into walls for fun, remember?

He did fine in class but afterwards he was still a bit cranky, so I put him to bed earlier than usual. Tonight after school he'll finally redeem his reward for his All-5 day on Monday - we're going to bake chocolate chip cookies together! I think that's better than some cheap plastic junk toy, but Hercules would probably disagree.

I'm also going to try something new with Hercules to help him get over his writing struggles. Writing time in school has been problematic for him lately, much like reading used to be. He's slow to overcome the initial frustrations that come with learning a new skill, and he prefers to abstain from the effort completely rather than persevere and struggle through it until he gets past that initial frustration. Plus, writing is a slow and painstaking process for a hyperactive boy-warrior, and he loses interest quickly. Since we've been reading A Series of Unfortunate Events, I asked him if he'd like to have a commonplace book (a phrase which here means "a notebook for jotting down ideas, information, and other things worth remembering") like Quigley Quagmire and Klaus Baudelaire. He said yes and could it be purple?

So on my walk to work today I stopped into Walgreens and picked up two purple pocket-sized notebooks, one slightly larger than the other. One will be solely for his use to jot down whatever he likes. The other I plan to use as a sort of note-swapping book for him and me, so I can send him to school every day with a little love note and he can reply on the next page. Or something. He may have more ideas of his own, and as long as it gets him writing it's all good.


Anonymous Kari said...

Your notebook idea is great!

I remember my dad used to write me little notes, then I would write back. It certainly helped me greatly.

Good luck!

1/06/2006 6:02 PM  

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