* Pleasant surprise

Once again, I got a phone call from Herc's teacher today, but this one was different. She must realize how I cringe when the phone rings at my desk, since it is almost always bad news from the school. So today, the wonderful Mrs. B called me with good news - Hercules wrote a two-page story during writing time! She read it to me on the phone, and it was about our dogs, Bongo and Chico. It was hilarious, and I almost wept tears of joy I was so relieved and ecstatic. How cool is that? She really is the most thoughtful teacher Hercules could ever ask for.

After I listened to the story, I got to speak to Hercules. He spoke to me in his babyish voice, which he tends to do when he's not sure how to act. When he does that I usually say "It's much cuter when you use your normal voice." But today I didn't bother, I was too busy showering him with praise.

Now if only he could do that every day! If only.


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