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I’ve been meaning to post for days but I got hit with the flu on Monday and I’m just beginning to feel human again. Still cruddy, but not so cruddy that I can’t type.

Hercules has had some great days at school since Friday, which is spectacular. But of course it triggers those doubts in my mind: Am I jumping the gun on this medication stuff? Am I taking the easy way out at his expense?

But then his teacher sent some homework home. This is the beginning of a weekly assignment for his class in which she sends a short book home and he is expected to read it and then answer some short, simple questions about what he read. It’s great practice and I think it’s good for Hercules. We worked on it this morning, because he is supposed to spend this evening with The Diva and I’ve been too sick to help him. It’s due tomorrow.

Anyway, getting Hercules to complete his homework was exasperating. Since I didn’t have to be at work today, we had plenty of time and there was no hurry (he wakes up at 6 am). But he still struggles with reading more than he should, it seems to me. I have to constantly remind him to slow down and look at the letters and make those sounds, because he will guess at a word and his guess doesn’t remotely resemble the actual word, even simple words that sound exactly the way they are spelled (which is somewhat rare in the English language). When I ask him to try again, he gets extremely agitated and wants to give up.

Writing is only slightly better. Mostly he’s just careless and sloppy, and I know this is normal for a lot of boys his age, but it still frustrates me, especially when I’m right next to him, coaching him, and he ignores me.

Maybe I’m too pushy, I don’t know. I know that reading and writing came easy to me. I don’t remember learning to read, I just remember doing it and once I started I never stopped. I do give Hercules lots of encouragement and praise as he reads, but I also make sure I correct him if he misreads a word.

Sometimes I wonder if he may be a little dyslexic, too. He can’t seem to distinguish his b’s and d’s, and he often reverses the spelling of simple words like “it.” It’s too soon to tell, yet. I figure we’ll see how things work out once we’ve figured out his diagnosis and treatment, and then if this reading problem persists we can look into it more. But I suspect that if he were just able to slow down and focus on the words on the paper he would do fine.

Now I think it’s time we featured some more songs from the Hercules Soundtrack. Here are some selections from Southern Culture on the Skids (SCOTS):

Camel Walk
Greenback Fly

FYI: Just so you know, we listen to a lot of music that isn’t exactly appropriate for all ages, so we have to be careful what Hercules has access to. SCOTS has several songs that are not kid-friendly, but we think these two (and a few others) are pretty safe. We may not all agree on that, so use your own judgment. In other words, if you don’t want Junior to repeat the lines “Baby, will you eat that there snack cracker in your special outfit?” then don’t share these with the kiddies! We tend to be rather, okay VERY liberal with our taste in music, and I relish any opportunity to share my favorite music with our kids (I am married to a musician, remember?). The key is that we are selective as to which songs we share with them, but maybe not as selective as you are. Proceed at your own risk!

Also, I can’t keep hosting these mp3 files on my server forever, so once this post falls off the main page I will remove the songs. That way I can add new selections over time, and that's a good thing!


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