* Close call

I almost forgot! I had a Hercules story for you today. But since I rarely blog on weekends, I nearly forgot to share it. It goes like this:

I went to Herc’s school on Friday afternoon to pick him up for his appointment with his counselor. I signed him out in the office, and as I was leaving Mr. Z offered to walk with me. In the hallway, he informed that he had done Hercules a favor. He confiscated some fireworks from him and did not tell the principal. But he wanted me to know about it.

I thanked him profusely. Mr. Z must really love Hercules, because he almost certainly would have at least been suspended for bringing fireworks to school. And scheming with his friends (everyone’s your friend when you’re the boy with the fireworks) as to how they could set them off during recess. Christ almighty. At least he didn’t have any matches with him, too. Luckily, forethought is not one of Hercules’ strengths.

Thank you, Mr. Z. I know who Herc’s real friend is!

Btw, those fireworks were some that Hercules and the neighborhood kids fished out of someone’s trash. I had thought that he had turned them all over to me, but obviously I was mistaken. For this offense, I didn’t think taking away his computer and TV privileges was sufficient, so I took away his bicycle for the weekend, too. I hated to do it. But damn, fireworks! At school!

The weekend is over, now, and he gets his privileges back. First thing after school, he’s on his bike. Now I only have to worry about him getting crushed by speeding vehicles, or disappearing out of sight in our thug-ridden neighborhood. Thank goodness everything’s back to normal.


Anonymous Fate said...

Wow! Close call with luck to spare! Thank goodness the gods were looking down on Hercules!

Love the new look by the way!

1/31/2006 1:45 PM  

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