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It's been a rough couple of weeks at school for Hercules. Some bad habits have resurfaced and I've been getting a lot of phone calls from teachers lately. He's generally just rude, disrespectful, and disruptive. We had an appointment with his counselor on Friday, so she worked with him on these age-old issues of his. I think part of the problem was that he hadn't seen her in a month, since she had to cancel his last appointment and we weren't able to reschedule it. Plus, he's been fighting a cold lately and the drowsiness that colds bring results in a very short fuse for young Hercules.

These factors all come into play, but we've also been emphasizing the fact that no matter what, he has to learn to control his reactions to certain situations. Self-control has been a major theme with Hercules lately, and, according to previous experience, he should get the hang of it in about 2 years if we're consistent.

Just yesterday I received a call from the school librarian informing me that Hercules had given her the finger. He didn't like it when she sent him to the Safe Spot for making fart noises during reading time. She was very understanding about it when she spoke to me. Apparently, she has boys as well and she feels my pain. My favorite part was when she said, "If I had known that parenting was going to be so hard, I would have put that damned diaphragm in!"

Amen, sister!

So last night Hercules got a good talking-to (I'm a very verbose lecturer, poor kid) and several consequences were imposed. First, he did 10 push-ups. Then I took away his computer and TV privileges until Thursday night. And only if he's well-behaved at school between now and then will he regain his privileges. Finally, he'll be doing my chores for me until Wednesday. His first assignment was to scoop dog poop in the backyard, which did not thrill him. But that's the whole point and he doesn't seem to get it: punishments are supposed to be unpleasant. I explained to him that all the other punishments I've doled out previously obviously weren't unpleasant enough to deter him from misbehaving, so his punishments will become increasingly unpleasant until he figures out how to treat people, especially teachers, with proper courtesy and respect. I don't think it's too much to ask of a first-grader to refrain from flipping off the librarian.

Today my cell phone rang again and since I am now very familiar with the school's phone number, I groaned when I saw it come up on my screen. I answered it hesitantly and this time I heard a new voice on the other end. I wondered which member of the staff Hercules had cussed out this time.

Turns out it was the school nurse. Something about falling off the playground equipment and bumping his head. I wanted to ask her if he cussed anyone out when that happened, but then I realized that I was supposed to be concerned. Most parents would be when they hear a head injury report, but not me. If the skull's not cracked and there's no major blood loss, don't bother me. My kid bashes his head against walls for FUN! What's another bump or two? I'm just ecstatic that nobody got the finger today.


Blogger fiercelyfab said...

Ay--it sounds like you are doing a great job in the discipline areas especially your verbose explanations that you briefly mention.

I laughed out loud--during the last part of the entry regarding gettinga call from the nurse due to Hercules bumping his head and you thinking is not big deal because he does it for fun. Your comment to the diaphragm response was hilarious.

hugs mama.

12/25/2005 1:07 AM  

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