* When the little warrior is The Big Dog

I'm running on a sugar buzz right now, thanks to the chocolate frosting I snarfed from my cupcake-baking adventure. Which I can do without guilt because I'm a hedon and that's what hedons do - they lick chocolate frosting out of the can in pure ecstasy. So I thought I'd channel all that fructose into something productive, like a blog post. Which I can do without guilt because I washed the dishes and put Hercules to bed already. Ha!

So I took Hercules to Tae Kwon Do tonight, as usual, and I was embarrassed for him, he was so rude. He continually voiced his annoyance over having to repeat the same patterns over and over again. His instructors have more patience with him than I do, I know that much. I would have had him on the floor doing push-ups for most of the class.

So I talked to his instructor near the end of the class, and we talked about moving Hercules up to a class with bigger, older kids. The problem right now is that Hercules is the biggest, strongest kid in his class and he has the highest belt rank. And that Hercules, he's getting cocky. Oh lord, it's shameful to watch. We both agreed that he needs to be humbled just a little, and that he would really learn more if he were in a class with kids who are mostly older and more advanced than he is. Not to mention that he is also just plain bored, since he's well ahead of the other kids (who are mostly younger than him, or much less coordinated). Boredom is a very dangerous thing with young warriors. It brings out their worst mischief.

What Hercules needs are good role models, and right now, he is the role model for his class. This is a potentially volatile situation, because emulating Hercules is sure to produce utter chaos.

For instance, during their practice Hercules made it a point to shuffle closer and closer to the little girl in the row in front of him, so that by the end of each exercise he was practically on top of her. After class, I had a discussion with him about annoying people. Because, ironically, Hercules has precious little patience for other kids who aggravate him. You might even say that he has a tendency to violently overreact to even the most benign pranks played on him. This has, in fact, been the primary reason for most of his problems in school of late - one kid does something silly somewhere in his vicinity and Hercules flips his shit. So I pointed this out to him tonight, and he actually admitted that if another kid had done what he did to that little girl, he would've been pissed. Well, in so many words. I'm paraphrasing!

That admission was a big step for Hercules. Now let's hope that he can remember that the next time some unsuspecting child starts singing the Barney song too loud for his taste.


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