* Mutiny in the Classroom

Rockin' 3
Late last week it was parent-teacher conference night, and I spoke with all of Hercules' teachers. Everyone remarked on how much his behavior has improved since last year, and that was encouraging! We talked about the areas that he still needs to work on, but overall it was a very positive and productive conference. Hurray for Hercules!

I also got some more details on what went down during the 2 days that Hercules' teacher was out and they had substitutes. I knew that Hercules had been implicated in multiple offenses, but what I did not know was that the list of kids who were NOT implicated was very, very short. Basically, neither sub was able to command any order in the classroom on either day, and it was an all-out mutiny. In which case we can hardly expect our little Hercules to be the one sitting quietly in his chair. On the contrary, under such circumstances I would only expect Hercules to be leading the rebellion.

I mean, imagine a room full of small children in which the balance between order and chaos is always rather delicate, and only to be tipped in favor of order by the most skilled professional. Then, imagine what happens when a less capable adult attempts to lead this small, unpredictable army of squirming youngsters, but her ineptitude is detected early and exploited mercilessly by the young army. And there in the midst of it all is one budding young warrior with boundless energy who finds himself repeatedly condemned because he simply cannot sit still in his chair. He earnestly tries to explain to the new general that he's always been allowed to stand up and move around the room at will, but the frowning new general is suspicious and orders him to remain silent. Of course the young warrior will feel indignant and unfairly condemned, and woe, woe to the new general! She has sealed her fate, for mutiny is inevitable once the wrath of Hercules has been unleashed.

Future substitute teachers, choose your battles!

This week will be a short week for everyone, and we're looking forward to a quiet, restful Thanksgiving holiday. I look forward to Thanksgiving just as much as I dread the over-hyped commercial frenzy that is Christmas. If it weren't for the children, I would opt out of the whole thing and organize protests at the mall or something.

*Sigh.* I must really love those kids.


Anonymous Kari said...

Yay Hercules for improving!

11/21/2005 4:56 PM  

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