* Better News!

Trevor's home! He responded very well to his treatment and now he's out of the hospital and doing great. Hurray Trevor!

Here's a photo of Hercules at Halloween, as promised. We did the bulk of our trick-or-treating downtown, where the local businesses hand out candy. The best part every year is at the store shown here, My Secret Garden. The always stage elaborate skits for the kids, and this year it was Little Shop of Horrors. They had a giant carnivorous plant, and at the end when it howled "Feed me, Seymour!" the kids were told to toss candy into his mouth and run for their lives! And of course they got some candy to keep, too.

Meanwhile, Pa stayed home to hand out candy, when in fact he frightened away most of the neighborhood kiddies with his spooky antics. He put his PA system in the front window and plugged in his mic, and proceeded to taunt anyone who came near with the house with promises of "Treats! Come, my pretties! I have treats for you! MwaaHaaaHaaHaHa!"

It was awesome! I love Halloween:)


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