* Hormones, head lice, haircuts, and rabies

I'm back, after a pretty rough weekend. Hormones and head lice conspired to bring all sorts of drama to my household. Because although we successfully eradicated the head lice from Hercules and our home, my stepkids are still passing them around. It's been four weeks now and their head lice show no signs of diminishing - on the contrary, they are multiplying with great success. So I decided it was time for my stepdaughter to get a haircut. That's when the drama ensued. But thanks to my calm, reasonable, non-hormonal husband, I was able to cut her hair and no physical force was required. Then I spent a good 4 hours plucking nits from her head. Once her head was clear of all signs of lice, her older sister brought her to the salon for a nice professional cut (hey, I can cut hair, I never said I was good at it). Oddly, in the end it was her younger brother, the other child still afflicted with lice, that was the most pissed off about his haircut (the boys got theirs all buzzed off). But on Sunday, we sent 4 children back to their mom lice-free. Instead of appreciation, though, we get scorn. Because you know, I didn't have permission to cut the girl's hair.

The worst part is, there is still one boy who probably has lice (he didn't come this weekend, not after he heard about the dreaded haircutting incident). So the lice will most likely continue to spread amongst the siblings and the entire drama would be repeated next weekend, only with a teenage boy. Except that my husband has finally agreed that if any of the kids still have lice, from now on they will have to stay at their mom's until they are clear. Because I simply refuse to have to treat my entire house for lice every goddamned weekend.

I am such a bitch.

Well, now that I have vented my frustrations, let me share a more fun-filled portion of my weekend. I spent Sunday morning with my oldest stepdaughter (she has a different mom from the younger 5), my other stepdaughter and one stepson. The oldest daughter, I'll call her The Director, has become very interested in film-making and is likely to pursue this field when she starts college next year. Currently she is working on a few short films, one of which is a horror flick about a woman who gets rabies and tries to murder her children. Guess who got to play the rabid mother? Yep! I sure did!

It was actually quite fun, and definitely a good way for my younger stepdaughter and I to enjoy some time together and put all the drama behind us. Even though my character did end up bludgeoning her with a croquet mallet, it was all in good fun. And in the end, her brother got to push me into a freezing cold lake and knock me out with said croquet mallet. Perhaps that was cathartic for him as well. I sure hope so, because DAMN that lake was cold! Now we're all looking forward to seeing the finished product, once The Director gets through with post-production. From what I've seen of her previous work, it should be excellent.

Finally, I'd like to take this opportunity to brag just a little bit, because this was not my first appearance on film, oh no. I did make a brief appearance in a certain zombie musical, but that's hardly worth the bragging rights. I'd much rather brag about my husband, because he plays one of the starring roles in that film, as Arthur the Serial Killer/Zombie Slayer. And he is SO sexy dancing with an ax!


Anonymous Fate said...

Oooooh. Now I can say I know a moviestar! Outstanding!

Love the new layout!

10/19/2005 11:13 PM  
Anonymous renee may said...


glad you like it, fate! the change was long overdue.

10/20/2005 5:57 AM  
Blogger BeautifulLegacy said...

Your family, with the exception of the lice situation, seems to have a great time. I smiled reading about your staring role!

12/05/2005 6:22 AM  

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