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Here's a quick post regarding the recent disaster in the South. It's difficult to imagine what it must be like to lose everything overnight, to have no access to food or water, no plumbing or electricity, and then in your struggle to survive you find yourself threatened by violence, rape, and carjackings. It's even harder to believe that this is happening in our own country.

I will bite my tongue, though, and spare you my political diatribe and instead direct you to some places where you can contribute whatever you may have to help those who have lost everything.

First, you can always donate to the Red Cross.

You can also donate items such as food, clothing and blankets. Although many agencies prefer cash donations to goods due to (very good) logistical reasons, I still think that if that's all you can give (because we don't all have money to spare) then by golly, it's worth something. Here's one resource that I found on the Katrina Help Wiki:

A food bank in Louisiana is coordinating all donations of food, clothing, and personal grooming items (toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, etc.) for the entire region. They specify the best type of food to send is something that is ready to eat, like canned chili. No microwave, no stovetop. And, of course, canned or boxed is better, and they won't accept anything home-made.

Ship stuff here:

Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana
2307 Texas Avenue
Shreveport, LA 71103

You can phone them at 318-678-2400, or e-mail to info@foodbanknla.org

And if you're like me and you want to do more but you're broke, maybe can you offer a spare room or empty bed to someone who just wants to get the hell out of dodge and start their life over again someplace new. You can sign up to host hurricane victims here or here. We've registered at both of these sites, so we'll see if anyone responds to our offer.

And finally, there's a fund-raising photo auction going on at flickr over here. I've donated one of my own photos to this cause. There are some stunning photos up for bid, I encourage you to browse and make a bid or two. Not only can you add some fine art to your decor, but you can also support a good cause.

If you'd like more information about how to help, the Katrina Help Wiki is an excellent place to start. They have lots and lots of links and information.


Anonymous Emily said...

hey renee. I tried that last link and it didn't work.

My mother and I really want to do something, though our heart lies with the animals of course. For sure there are abandoned pets of all sorts, and few care about them. We're searching for a way to drive down or meet someone so that we can help take care of some.
If you know of anything, do tell.

9/03/2005 8:35 AM  
Anonymous renee may said...

hey, i checked the link and it's working now. they may be getting overloaded with traffic lately, so keep trying it.

i'm sure that there are lots of abandoned animals, too. i don't have any information about that, but there may be something out there.

9/03/2005 1:35 PM  

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