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So my plan for a new routine has not been fully realized, but we've made some progress. For one thing, Hercules and I have been riding our bikes every day to his daycare center. He's really excited about that, and I can keep riding to work after I drop him off. His daycare is really very close to the house, so it's a great arrangement. Unfortunately we won't be able to keep it up once school starts next week:( But we'll enjoy it while it lasts!

The funny thing about biking with Hercules is that you get a running commentary from 30 feet behind you at all times. Have I mentioned that Hercules likes loves to hear himself talk?

And I don't know what Nana and Papa were teaching him down there in Florida, but he's been an exceptionally cooperative little Hercules these days! Well, at least for me. I can't say that has carried over at school so well. But I'll take any signs of progress I can get! He's still rambunctious and impulsive and hyperactive, but the big difference I'm seeing is that when I correct him or ask him to do/not to do something, he responds very agreeably. This is very welcome progress.

Still, I'm pretty anxious about the beginning of first grade. I'm eager to meet his new teacher, which happens Monday night. School starts on Wednesday. That gives me one week to prepare myself and Hercules for the first grade. I just hope his teacher has a good sense of humor.

I have a new plan. Yes! More plans! Have you noticed yet that I am an obsessive planner? That's right. I always have at least one plan, if not two, and they're always brilliant and likely to change with my next mood swing but here goes: I am creating a character for Hercules, based on Hercules, and his name is Maximus Marshall. I will write a story about Maximus Marshall's first day of school, and it will be about how Max faces all his fears and worries and makes the best of them. So Max will be Hercules at his very best, but with all the qualities that make Rio the Hercules that he is. Brilliant, right?!

Only if it works. I'll let you know how it turns out . . .

Meanwhile, I have another plan (of course!). I'm scouting out some yoga videos for children, and I hope to find one that suits Hercules. I think yoga would benefit him immensely, especially the breathing/relaxation aspects of it. I just hope it can captivate his attention long enough for him to follow along. He's seen Pa and I do yoga quite a bit, and once in a while he'll try to follow along with us, but it doesn't last long. But there are some good reasons for that, and I think that since he's shown even a little interest, then a video will do the trick. Because if there's someone talking to him from inside the TV, he will be mesmerized. It's like magic, that idiot box. I must learn to force it do my bidding, and silence those other voices that continually bombard my boy's impressionable young mind.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

See if you can find the cards from this set, I don't have all the other stuff that this kit shows:


I highly recommend the cards, they have little poems on the back that describe how to do the pose and such, and my kids adore them (though we don't really use them all that often, but they get totally excited when we do bring them out).

And if you find a video Hercules likes, post the name. We've tried a few and they've just been okay. But I agree that yoga seems like it would be perfect for "our kind of kids." If I were better disciplined we'd all be twisted on the floor every morning.

8/24/2005 6:50 PM  
Anonymous renee may said...

i'll let you know if i find one. the two we've sampled from the library were pretty disappointing. isn't there some sort of yoga video that's not too barney and yet not so sloooow??

one more niche i wish i could fill. because i could do it better, dammit!


8/25/2005 1:30 PM  

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