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Here's the latest news from Florida. Nana's getting pretty worn out by our boy wonder Hercules, but she's hanging in there!

Here are some new pics of Rio's fun here with Nana and Papa. He's hung out (briefly) with his cousin Collin, gone Kayaking with Nana, snorkeling with Papa at the pool, and fishing with Papa outside our front door. He caught a HUGE ONE! [see pic] At least that's what he ran into the house yelling, "Nana, ya gotta come see the huge fish I just caught! I was expecting to see at least Jaw's son, but as you can see it was only Nemo's little brother. He actually caugth 8 fish and he finally had to stop fishing "because his wrist hurt so much from bringing in so many BIG ones"! He's a trip:)

I took him shopping the other day. He's been playing with the two girls next door to us. One is 4 years old and the other is 10 and they have played great together. He wanted to give them both a gift, so I agreed to take him to a thrift store and finally found a "Goodie Bag" full of "girl stuff" that was just what he was looking for. So we brought it home, he found a box, filled it with bright colored tissue paper, and we wrapped it just right! Watch out girls, he's a charmer!

Enjoy the pics! I'll try to get some of him with the girls next door too.
One more week and he's all yours. He's really starting to miss you all, especially at bed time or when he's tired. He'll be more than ready to get home by next Sunday.

Love ya,

Yep, that's one proud fisherman there, don't you think? But I'm afraid maybe my little Hercules has had a few too many french fries from McD's. Look at that gut! But no worries. We'll have him back in shape in no time:)

And don't forget that you can always click on the photo to see more pics on Flickr.


Blogger Cee Kaye said...

Did you ever finish New College? I went to New College for 3 1/2 years, and was kicked out in the middle of writing my thesis (for doing too much acid, ironically). I'd love to hear your stories about the place - I don't think most students had the concerns that you have been expressing; children, etc.

8/03/2005 1:44 AM  

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