* Tricksy Hercules

Another recap from Nana. Look's like little Hercules is testing his boundaries, as usual:

It's Thursday and this Nana is tired but still very much in love with our Hercules! Where do I start? It's one adventure after another with this Herculean Warrior!

Let's see, we went to the pool after I got home from work one evening. I swam after him for an hour, what a work out! No gym time needed that day! We had a ball!

The real fun for Rio started when we were leaving. It was time to really test Nana's patience….

Test # 1: To leave our pool area you have to push a green button that releases the exit/entrance gate, which I did for Rio. He ran to the gate, opened and held it, while watching a tired Nana make her way to the gate. And you probably guessed it . . . he closed the gate just as I got there. The look of glee was adorable, even to tired Nana. Now I had to go all the way back to the green release button, push it, and walk back to the waiting Rio at the gate. He again opened it up for me, smiling sweetly as I very nicely reminded him Nana was very tired and to please not do that again. But, with that now not-so-adorable grin on his face, he again closed it just as I got there! This replayed itself for about another 3 or more times before Nana's voice and "You’ll regret not listening to me" look got through to him and I was let out of the pool area!

Test # 2: I remotely unlocked the truck and Rio jumped into it.and of course as Nana came up to the drivers door I heard the auto lock click! Now, believe it or not, it hit me funny. I could not believe he would DARE test me again so soon after my "You’ll regret not listening to me" look!

I kid you not, he would unlock and lock the door, as he watched my arms approach the door handle at least 5 or more times! It took a lot to keep the laughter from my insides not to show on the outside! I was thinking just how funny I would think this all was a few weeks from now, when he was back home, and I was missing him and his "Nana tests." I finely was able to convince him enough was enough, and I was allowed to enter the truck.

Test # 3: The other day I was very late getting home after work, due to a flat tire. I was stuck on The Howard Franklin Bridge between St. Pete (where I work) and Tampa (where we live). I did not get home till 8 PM. I explained to Rio that dinner would only be scrambled eggs and toast, to which I heard a wail from Rio, "Oh, no! That is not fair! I want a real supper!" This time, I turned on my tired feet and faced him eye ball to eye ball with a "Don't you EVEN go there" speech, which worked the first time! He ate his egg and toast dinner without any further argument. I think I came out on top on this test.

Then it was off to bed and a story, a great time of cuddling, loving and enjoying a great book. We share a love for reading, and cuddling!

That's all for this time. This happy, but tired Nana is signing off.


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