* Journey to Florida

Not only has Rio's Nana agreed to fill in as our guest blogger while he's in Florida, but she has proven to be much more prolific than I am. I'm already have a backlog of entries and photos, so here's the first one, in which Hercules arrives in Tampa after his first solo airplane ride:

Hercules arrived safe and sound, and according to his stewardess he was a pure joy, entertaining the passengers and crew throughout the flight.

I got a chance to speak with the folks he sat next to. The young woman said he was a bit teary-eyed when it hit him that he was “all alone”. He told her this was his first flight without his Nana or Mom, and he was only 6 yrs old. She said it only took a few words of encouragement to dry his tears, and then he was great. He even got some dear soul to switch seats with him so he could sit by a window.

He loved his stewardess, as you can see from the good-bye hug she got when we left! As soon as we were off he spotted the Southwest Children's Play Area, and Southwest knows what they are doing. This area is set up with very large heavy foam/plastic airplanes and clouds. The children can leap from one to the other, and they have controls for steering, too! Rio was literally bouncing off every one of them, at the same time he was on the cell phone with his Mom, letting her know he had arrived safe and sound. I let him “bounce” for a while, because I figured it would keep the inside of our truck in one piece for the ride home, and it worked great.

We arrived home to greet Uncle Ron, Aunt Katina, Alan, and Elise,. He bounced off them for a while, too. It was a great family reunion! See pics (click the photo above to see more at Flickr).

More to come soon!


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