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Boys Night Out 2
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Well, I nearly talked myself out of this blog but now that my hormones have stabilized I'm not ready to give up on it entirely. I think the lesson here is not to be so attached to my standards of perfection. Because you know my blog has to be perfect! Perfectly hilarious, entertaining, insightful, informative and updated daily.

And then there's reality. Life gets in the way. So be it.

Besides, most of my faithful readers are family and friends who want to stay in touch with Rio and I, and I would hate to let them down:)

So today, dear readers, I give you a shot from our Boys Night Out last weekend. Rio's Papa is in town and he's been watching little Hercules over Spring Break. It's been a real pleasure to have him around and it means the world to Hercules, believe me. We started the week off with an outing to the pool hall. One of Pa's younguns accompanied us as well, and I snapped photos while the boys played pool. It was great fun! You can see more pics if you click on the photo, or just visit my Flickr photostream.


Blogger portuguesa nova said...

Your Flikr photos are incredible! Wow. Rio is so adorable...you can just feel his energy and personality in the photos.

3/26/2005 5:16 AM  
Anonymous FateWineRoses said...

Don't you dare stop! Even if you updated once a week, twice a month . . .you can't stop now!!!!

3/31/2005 8:32 AM  
Anonymous renee may said...

don't worry, i'm still here! thanks for the encouragement, it's nice to know that i'm not expected to post daily;)

4/06/2005 5:47 AM  

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