* Meet Bongo!

Hercules with Bongo
Originally uploaded by Renee May.
I would like to introduce you to the newest addition to our family - little Bongo!

Darling, isn't he? I'm smitten:)

I'd much rather tell you all about our new dog than talk about Rio's most recent episode at school. Because Rio adores this little dog, and because he's been so good at home, it's unpleasant to imagine him being dragged from his classroom kicking and screaming. And he's always so remorseful afterward, and so cooperative, it just doesn't seem possible. When you look at this photo of Rio and his beloved pet, you wouldn't think he could be such a hellcat. But I know, and so does his teacher, and so does his principal.

What do you do with a boy like Hercules?? I'm running out of ideas.


I'm tired tonight. I need to sleep off this nagging feeling of doom.

Meanwhile, you can click on the photo and you'll be able to see more of our little dog Bongo.


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