* F Bombs

Things have been going fairly well lately with little Hercules, but (there's always a but) the tranquility is inevitably terminated by a phone call from the principal.

The good news is that Hercules was not suspended! The bad news is that he dropped an F bomb in class, and then told the principal that his mom lets him say that word at home. Fortunately she knew better than to believe that. But she suggested that I discuss this problem with him at home.

After having tried several discipline techniques without success, including washing his mouth out with soap, I've deduced that the best tactic is to ignore him when he says bad words, since I'm pretty sure that he does it just to elicit a reaction. Now he knows that the F word will get a big reaction at school, so let's hope this doesn't become a habit. At least he didn't get sent home for it, because I'm pretty sure that was the result he was hoping for in this case. I certainly don't want to reinforce that behavior.

However, his teacher will not and probably can not simply ignore such utterances from a Kindergartener. And really, this whole idea of mine is completely experimental. Hell, everything I do with Rio is experimental because none of the things that work with most kids ever seem to work on Rio. He's not like other children. He may not like spankings but they certainly don't keep him from repeating the same unwanted behavior again and again. Same with time outs. That's why I've had to rethink the entire punishment-reward system. It seems logical enough, but with Rio logic has nothing to do with it.

Btw, I was one of those parents who swore, during my pregnancy, that I would NEVER EVER spank my child, let alone raise my voice at him. How very enlightened of me! And very naive. I'm sure some parents would be properly shocked and horrified that I would admit to spanking my kid. But then you've never raised a Hercules. It's not for the faint of heart. And I'm one of those happy hippie blissaninny types who never got mad at anyone for anything, ever. I was (and still am, normally) very diplomatic and even-tempered. People would describe me as mellow, laid back, easy going. Then came Hercules. Go ahead, judge me. I'll kick your ass. Just don't let Hercules see me do it, I don't want to set a bad example.

But back to the point: How do you keep a 6 year old from cussing and swearing like a trucker when he's mad? Some people would probably reprimand me for exposing my child to such language. But give me a break, it's a big, potty-mouth world out there and no matter how hard I try to purify my speech (and I really do try, but I'm also human) he's gonna hear it from one of my childless friends. You know, those people who aren't accustomed to altering their lifestyle and every utterance to better demonstrate model behavior to impressionable youngsters. And of course my Rio is a veritable parrot when it comes to learning new words. It's really cool when you hear him say something like, "Those infermal combustion engines sure do make a lot of smelly pollution!" But it's a little different when he counters his teacher's request to put his shirt back on with "I DON'T HAVE TO WEAR MY FUCKING SHIRT!"

God bless Mrs. K. She's got her hands full with that one.

I'm open to suggestions on this one, folks. Anyone got a good cure for a foul mouth in a small child?

Oh, I almost forgot, my comments are broken. Stupid blogger, they haven't answered my plea for help yet. Hold that thought . . .

UPDATE: Comments are back! That also means that all the old ones have been jettisoned into cyber oblivion. But why be attached? Let's just hope this new blogger system is better than the last. And if it's still more aggravation than it's worth, well, it will give me an incentive to move this blog somewhere else. I'm thinking about trying Wordpress. As if I have time for that! Ha!


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