* Mighty Hercules

Warrior Pose
Originally uploaded by Renee May.
Here's a shot of Rio on an old railroad trestle in New England. Isn't he fierce? You can see the rest of this series on my Flickr pages.

Another good day at school yesterday, but afterward he was tired and cranky. This has become the norm, and I'm not crazy about it. I'm thankful his teachers are getting him at his best, at least. But once he gets home he's too worn out to handle the least bit of frustration. I mean, computer games had him in tears last night.

The problem is that Rio has always been a devoted napper. His system needs to reboot about halfway through the day, and then he's in a much happier mood when he wakes up. I'm not sure when he'll grow out of that, but I hope it's soon, since there won't be naptime at school anytime soon.

Right now I have to go pick up little Hercules from school. It's early release today due to an incoming ice storm. It seems a bit premature to me, but I don't really mind leaving work early:)


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