* Mixed emotions

At last, the worst of Christmas (shopping) is over, and now I can look forward to the best of Christmas – spending time with family. Today and tomorrow are my last work days, and then I’m off until after the New Year. Yippeee!

Rio, Pa, and I are leaving for New England on Wednesday to see my father and stepmother. In spite of the 2-day drive, I can’t wait to get back to my old stomping grounds and relax in someone else’s house for a while. The drive shouldn’t be so bad as long as the weather cooperates with us. Otherwise, little Hercules is a remarkably great traveler, thank goodness, because this semi-nomadic mama loves to travel.

Meanwhile, Pa has all The Kids at home today. Yes, my husband is at home with 6 children while I sit here at work and blog to you folks. Novel, isn’t it? Not only that, but he totally saved my ass today because I mixed up the day for our office potluck/gift exchange. I thought it was tomorrow, and it was supposed to be, but they rescheduled it for today and even though I had been informed of that, my brain didn’t file that information properly and so I showed up at work today without my promised spinach quiche and gift.

After I slammed my head against the wall a few times, I humbly called Pa and over the din of screaming children (“Those are happy screams!” he tells me) I asked him if he would mind baking the quiche and wrapping my gift for the office. He didn’t even hesitate, he happily agreed and just asked me to email him the recipe. What a relief! What a guy! No, you cannot borrow him, he’s all mine:)

This, even after all my holiday crankiness. He really must love me. I’m still looking for a good attitude adjustment, even with all the shopping done. I’m stressing out over things that haven’t even happened yet, but they might happen, they could happen, and the very possibility is freaking me out.

I can’t provide details here, sorry. But it would be nice if you would say a little prayer for The Kids’ mother. God, please bless her in every way because I’m not ready to care for all her children full-time. And I promise not to call her the cursed wretch anymore, God. Please, please bless her!

I gotta go pray some more and get my heart in the right place. I’m full of judgment and that’s no good.

Speaking of judgment, Buddha Mama posted on this topic recently too and it’s worth reading. Maybe I’ll touch on that more later. I hope to blog some while I’m on vacation, but I can’t promise too much. I don’t want to be completely antisocial. At least, not all the time.


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